Peter Bruegel the Elder

     During the Protestant Reformation, visual art was changing. People we no long interested in wanting to see painting that  had religious themes to them due to the distrust and changes that were going on within the churches. People were more interested in wanting to see, as well as purchase, paintings that depicted real life.    



 Peter Bruegel the Elder was a famous painter during the Protestant Reformation who began painting subjects rather than religious themes. This painting posted above called , The Gloomy Day  (feb-mar, 1565) is one in a series of six works of his that depicts seasons. Fall has arrived and the upper left hand corner snow-top mountains tell us the winter is right around the corner. The villagers are cutting down the trees and gathers wood, possibly for the cold winters ahead. This painting also shows humanism, which focuses on their values, capabilities and worth. Here we see people helping other people in time of need. 

     I’ve wondered what was it that made the day gloomy. Was it because there was a lot of hard work ahead in preparation for winter? Or was it because times were changing and people were uncertain about what those times meant for each person or community? I think it might have been simply due to the weather since we see the black clouds rolling in to the right of the painting. Overall, this is a beautiful piece that gives us a glimmer into a community where times were changing. 


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Hello From Across the Ocean.

Greeting everyone! My name is Alexis and I live on Prince of Wales Island. I never thought that I would ever have an opportunity to live on an island full of beauty all around me. There are many days that I feel so fortunate to be able to live where I do. On my way to work I see waterfalls, eagles flying overhead, deer standing on the side of road looking at the cars go by, and the fish leaping out of the water, only to dive back in again. It’s been a place that existed only in books until I saw it for myself. Image

This is a picture of part of the island where I live. It was taken with my iphone and it was not touched up in Photoshop. The island definitely loves to show off it’s own artistic ability. When it comes to my relationship with art, my choosing was landscape quilts. I started off making regular quilts but they didn’t give me the vision that I was looking for. I had pictures in my mind that I wanted to see in fabric forms. I then took those quilts and put them into frames behind glass to give a more picture type feel. I’m glad I choose to do that since it’ll preserve them longer. Here is one of the landscape quilts that I’ve made. Image

I also love being an audience member to art. My daughter used to play the violin with the Fairbanks Youth Orchestra for four years before we moved. I loved going to the University to watch her play. There’s nothing quit like being able to watch her love for art grow and flourish by her own passion and dedication to it.

Fairbanks Youth Orchestra